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    1/4 of the world's Population eats red pepper spices daily 400,000 women process peppers in Ethiopia to meet this demand
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    The Pepper Eater flakes dried peppers about 4X faster than flaking by hand. IT'S AFFORDABLE & LOCALLY MANUFACTURABLE.
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    THESE WOMEN ARE ENTREPRENEURS...working to provide income for their families.The Pepper Eater can help each woman earn more money to support her family.
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    The Pepper Eater protects processors' HEALTH ...by greatly reducing long term exposure to harmful pepper dust and oils.

The Need

An estimated 400,000 women in Ethiopia process peppers by hand; a laborious procedure that turns fresh peppers into higher-value products of dried flakes, seeds, and powder. The tiring work leaves their hands covered in hot pepper oil and their eyes, noses, and throats burning from pepper dust in the air.


To provide enterprising women who manually process chili peppers with more efficient and safer tools, as current methods are labor-intensive and hazardous.


The Pepper Eater is an affordable, hand- cranked device that mills dried peppers about four times faster than flaking by hand and twice as fast as a large mortar & pestle. It allows for continuous processing and easy seed separation while limiting contact with pepper dust and oil, which prevents long-term exposure to the capsaicin.